Arrington Home


The project for the Arrington’s was a perfect example of our ability to create and implement a phased plan over time. Actually, this project lasted well over two years. It all started with the front yard. An existing concrete sidewalk that was falling apart sparked a conversation about what we could do to enhance the area. A couple months later and several meetings to review plans and we were onsite removing the sidewalk and installing a new sidewalk with flagstone accent bands. The curved sidewalk set the tone for creating new beds in the front yard and mixing in some unique plantings along the way. From a Contorted Filbert to a Smoke Tree, colors and textures abound as you move throughout the property.

Phase two led us to the backyard. A lot on the golf course with not much of a back yard helped us both decide which direction to go. Diseased trees were removed which shaded out portions of the back yard were removed. A new paver path that led from the driveway to a new seating area created the access needed which was missing before. New Red Maples are the center point of the back yard and help to create a sense of symmetry in an otherwise natural setting. Landscape boulders a scattered along the edges of beds with newly added perennials to increase the color aspect of the landscape. Also added to the landscape were a large Princeton Elm, Forest Pansy Redbud and a new hedge of large Camellias. These helped create the foundation while masses of Azaleas, Gardenias and Hydrangeas tied everything together.