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Davis Home


Truly a dream job for any contractor! A design was submitted to the client, the go ahead was given and away we went! We were given the task of completely re-designing the entire property. An existing pool was the only thing that stood in our way! While the pool was to stay, we did dress it up quite a bit! A new hot tub / waterfall were installed, as was new stone pool coping and flagstone pool decking. The backbone of the whole backyard was the 8’ tall retaining wall that was added. Sixty loads of dirt were brought in to help build up the backyard, allowing us to extend the space and make room for a new outdoor kitchen with a bar and fireplace. The front yard was completely re-done and new plantings added with the highlight being a brand new 10” caliper Red Maple. Existing trees were removed to clear the way for the specimen Red Maple. Over 30,000 pounds of landscape boulders and stone were brought in to help enhance the beds, as well as to provide creek beds for drainage. When all was said and done, the project totaled over $260,000 and was completed in an astounding 30 days! Not the way we typically work, but when the customer gave us a deadline to complete the work, we put the wheels in motion and delivered an impressive end result!