Want that velvety green lawn? You have to top dress!

Many people strive to have that dark green healthy lawn that is soft and lush and looks like an Augusta National fairway.  Want to know the best trick to get it that way?  Top dress your lawn! 

What is top dressing? 
Top dressing is the process of adding a layer of organic material to the top of your lawn.  We first scalp your lawn to get the grass as low as possible so we can easily see the areas that are in need of filling.  Next we spread the material (a mix of sand, soil, crushed peanut shells and pine bark) over the entire yard.  The material is raked and broomed in to help fill low spots and spread it evenly over the yard.  Next is the watering in phase.  We soak the area in well in order to make sure that it all settles in and is on the ground surface.  Because the material is dark in color, it helps to absorb the sun and warm the soil up.  This results in a fairly quick growth rate for the freshly cut grass. 

Why top dress your lawn?
The top dressing process helps battle two problems at one time – first off, the organic material helps to level out any low spots in the lawn so that when you mow, you dont end up with scalp marks.  Secondly, the organic material breaks down slowly and helps provide a constant food source for the grass.  Typically, we see the best results in the health of the lawn the following year, but you will notice a nice green up over the course of 4-6 weeks.  Top dressing’s benefits are so numerous, it’s hard to understand why it is not the foundation for every lawn care program on the planet. As a soil amendment, top dressing can improve soil biology by adding organic matter and the beneficial microorganisms of compost.

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