At Southern Elegance our customers come first. We listen to you and help find what you need by offering many services. Below are some of the Landscape Services we provide:

Landscape Design

landscape-design-plans-atlantaA landscape design is more than just a few lines on a piece of paper. It is a thoughtful, creative and exciting piece to the puzzle in enhancing your outdoor experience! Southern Elegance provides hand-drawn landscape plans that are both easy to read and appealing to the eye. Pencil lead and paper are the tools of the trade! While this method may seem antiquated in today’s technology age, taking the time to sit down and work through a landscape design is more than connecting the dots on a computer screen.

The process starts with an initial client meeting. Here we talk about all of the things you want to have put in the design. We talk about colors, textures and materials as well as things you don’t like! After this meeting, we come back to your home to do a site analysis. We measure and locate all objects within the landscape and property that need to be taken into account for the design at hand. Trees are located, sidewalks and driveways noted, as well as any obvious utilities relevant to your property.

After the site analysis, the actual design is put on the drawing board. Depending on the scale of the project, the design could take anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks. Upon completion of the design, we will set up a time to meet and review what we have come up with. At this time, we will present the drawing, discuss plantings, hardscape materials, etc., as well as cost of the overall job. If needed, revisions are made and the review process happens again. We will continue to meet until you are 100% happy with the design we have presented you.


laying grassMaybe you already have a plan to work from. Maybe you don’t need a plan at all and already know exactly what you want to do. That is not a problem. We can provide you with a comprehensive proposal detailing all of the associated costs for your project. Want to break the project into smaller phases? We excel at presenting budget options for our customers. We understand that not everyone can or wants to spend thousands of dollars at one time. We can work with you to put a phased plan in place to allow you to achieve your ultimate goals!

Besides the experienced crew we already have on staff, we work with a select group of contractors that can help us tackle any project you may have. Need trees removed? No problem! Want to transform your deck into a covered sunroom? We have that covered, too! Looking for that outdoor fireplace to relax in front of on a crisp cool fall evening? Our skilled stone masons can turn that into a reality!


lawn-mowing-cummingThere is nothing more important than taking care of your investment. Southern Elegance understands this and provides a full line of lawn and landscape maintenance services for our customers. We use top of the line equipment to keep your lawn fresh and crisp, as well as to keep your shrubs and trees looking their very best.

We also offer a full line of lawn and tree/shrub fertilization services. We have teamed up with Vista Turf Care to help provide the best line of fertilization and weed prevention / treatment possible. You can choose from either a 5 or 7 treatment plan for your lawn and a 7 treatment plan for your trees and shrubs. Contact us today for your free quote!